the speed of something in a given direction


the speed of a volvo in a given direction

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No matter what style of Volvo driver you are, we have you covered!

Why volvolocity?
  • Volvolocity offers engine computer management software to unleash the full potential of your Volvo
  • Software maintains the original software number from your vehicle
  • Real horsepower and fuel gains
  • Load with most industry standard J2534-2 compatible devices
  • ME7.0 / ME7.01 / ME9.x / MED17.x ECUS SUPPORTED
    (Engine Management - Supported Models)
  • EDC15C2 / EDC16.x / EDC17.x ECUS SUPPORTED
    (Engine Management - Supported Models)
  • Sensors are not disabled for maximum reliability
  • Does not cripple garage diagnosis ability -> Engine diagnosis unaltered
  • SmoothMod - Engine performance is smooth and comparable to the factory software
  • Torque reduction limitation adjustment or disable available
  • Advanced Custom Software tailored to your vehicle's modifications
    for Turbo Swaps* and/or Injector Swaps*
    * Logging required
  • Available Worldwide
    (See our global distributor list)
 Our Software can be loaded to your vehicle by diagnostic port (OBD2)
* Currently only ME7.x Supported by V-Loader

Volvolocity honours the memory of our founder John Currie (RIP)